Much excitement

Look at that face!  Such a simple little craft, well below her abilities, but it made her day=)
 DH and I have been brainstorming as to why our house hasn't sold yet.  Really, there has been only positive feedback.  I think the right person just hasn't come along yet.  BUT, we decided to change a few things, in hopes that it helps land a sale.  The faucets pictured below were in 4  of the 6 sinks.
 Very 1989 I suppose.  So we put 2 of these in the kid bathroom....matches their light fixtures, towel bars, and cabinet pulls.
 We put the dark ones in our bathroom, which matches the other stuff, except the gold cabinet pulls.
Next week I am painting the bathroom cabinets and switching out the pulls and hinges.
                                                 Ben was very excited to  get on the blog today.
               He is modeling the rubber boots we found for Emmi.  They were $32 boots, marked down to $10.  They will be great to wear on a farm=)
                No word on the house offer we put in....maybe next week.  Happy weekend!  

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  1. Alei has those boots :) And I have the pink polka-dot ones! (I usually wear them with my pajama pants to head to the barn:) I got them for $10-12 too.