House drama

Lately, I've spent too much time here.  Combing the internet for a house.  
 Because the 36 acre farm, that we had a contract on......they decided they don't want to sell.
So, no renovation, no camping out in metal building while renovating.  Much time wasted on plans....
 No new kitchen....
 Lots and lots of planning time ...wasted.  The reason I planned ahead so much, is because every day after closing would count....living in a metal building with 6 kids while renovation took place.
And yes, realtor's tell me we could sue...but life's too short.....so we will move on and find another house.
Remember the 1st house we found...where there was a family situation and a grandma with alshiemer's and we waited 2 weeks for them to sign a contract??  We looked at that house again.  The lender is preparing to foreclose on it.  We are making an offer on Monday, and hoping the bank has not already started the official foreclosure procedures.  Either way we will have an answer on that one in a few days.
Meanwhile, I drug the kids over 140 miles of countryside yesterday, looking at 3 more houses.  I loved one, but it is 55 minutes to work for DH.  We will see.
It's pretty easy to compare houses in sub-divisions.  But in the country, it's much harder.  Some have great land, some great houses, some with over 20 acres, but not a tree in sight.......how to decide???

DH is in Texas.  He took the rest of Jake's belongings to him.
Three kids got new glasses this week.  
We were blessed with a FREE lunch at Chick-Fil-A on errand day!
and Avery got her orthodontic head-gear to wear at night.


  1. Was wondering....I agree - life is too short!
    Praying for the best for you all,

  2. Oh no! I know you are so disappointed, but I know in the end both of you will be able to see the goodness of God in it. And even if you can't see it, you be assured it was for good. I know the feelings are probably overwhelming right now though. I'm telling you-you were moving in the wrong direction-you need to head my way!!!!! :)