Waid charmed the lady at the orthodontist office the other day, and racked up some cool stuff to wear home. .....and the whole rest of the day.....and the next day.  Dr. Waid had so much fun, and when he was making his rounds with Jenna, he called out "room service"  each time he needed the nurse.

Even Sherlock looks bored with our week. The house was not shown a single time; it was spring break around here for public schools. Hoping house-lookers will get serious now that the end of the school year is in sight.
 DH was on night shift, so we got lots of schoolwork done. 

We fought a fungus in the pool all summer last year.  With the recent warmer weather, we saw signs of the same fungus (algea; whatever).  DH decided to drain the pool (1.5 days), then scrub it with bleach, and refill.

 In these pictures, the water hose from the house has been running full throttle for 24 hours, the water is 18" deep.  The pool is 33' in diameter, and the water line is 48".  Anyone know how long it will take to fill up???
These days, 3rd grade math can make my brain hurt....even though I have a college degree.
Let's just guestimate that it will be about 72 hours.  I'll let you know......and why did my font just change???

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  1. I think, based on my 2nd grade math, it will take 64 hours to reach 48", based on the fact that it took 24 hours to reach 18". I might be wrong, but I assumed that the pool is the same diameter everywhere, and that way my math was (48/18)*24=64

    And I think you accidentally hit ctrl+I to get italics. :D

    I hope you managed to get rid of the problem.