This week we had to go somewhere everyday...and wear REAL people clothes...oh the laundry!
            Actually the laundry is the same amount, it's the ironing closet that is overflowing.
                                              Monday was orthodontist.    
                                   Avery is on her 3rd round with the palate expander.
                                                      Tuesday was piano.
                                Wednesday the girls had pediatrician check-ups.
                                   Thursday the boys had pediatrician check-ups.
                            Friday all 6 had their teeth cleaned, Waid and Avery each had two teeth                                                            pulled (as ordered by the orthodontist).  
                                                                                   No cavities, YAY!!
                               House showing 3 times this weekend, and DH was on night shift.
It was shown 5 times the week before the snow.  Please pray with us, that it sells soon.  So many people want to look at meal time, or with as little as 10 minutes notice (yes, really)....it gets old very fast.
And here are the stats from the pediatrician:
    AJ (10)     55 lbs       54.25"        6 months older than....
Emmi (10)     65 lbs       54.25"        5 months older than....
    Wes (9)    49 lbs       48.25"        4 months older than....
   Jenna (9)    53 lbs       50.75"        9 months older than....
  Avery (8)    46 lbs       48.5"          4 months older than....
   Waid (8)    46 lbs       48.5"
My out of order triplets (3 on the right)  have been neck-in-neck since we got the boys in 2010.  Some days, Wes gets bummed that everyone is passing him by, but not very often.  Happy week to you all=)

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  1. Girl, get you an ironing girl. I have one and it helps a lot. Her name is Abbie Clark. It won't be long until yours are old enough to iron. One thing that helps me is to pray for the person whose clothes I am ironing.