Not again.  In less than 2 hours, it went from this.....

 to this...

 That's at least a couple of inches.  We got a wet-melty dusting of snow last week also.  DH and I cannot ever remember getting snow 3 times in one winter, much less 3 times in 3 weeks!!!
 Avery wanted a haircut, and I wanted to do it before her eye dr appointment tomorrow....which I'm guessing will be cancelled.  Anyway, when picking out new glasses, I wanted her to look the same as she would when the glasses arrived.  I pulled her shirt up a little so you can see her hair is almost to her waistband.
 The rough cut, about 9 inches gone.
 The finished cutie-pie.
 Jenna wanted in on the action too.  We have only trimmed ends for the whole 2 years that she has been home.  Again, I only trimmed ends.  Today she went from being the girl with the shortest hair, to the girl with the longest hair=)
 I guess I should be next, but really don't have a clue what to do!
We were excited for a morning appointment with the accountant tomorrow.  Who doesn't love to hear the amount of their tax refund!  I guess we will have to wait another week since it is snowing=(
Anywho, I figured I'd check in tonight, since we probably won't have internet tomorrow
Good news is......sunny and 60 degrees on Sunday!

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  1. Haircuts galore at your house! If I had your hair I wouldn't cut it at all! Look at those curls. I guess you always want what you don't have, but for a straight haired girl like me those curls look wonderful! And no, I cannot believe the snow. I am so over it.