A few weeks ago, Jake visited a place where dreams come true.  No, not Disney World.
He has been saving for almost a year to furnish his new apartment.
Here are a few of the pieces he has been eye-ing, not necessarily in these colors.
(Sorry stranger in the background....you're now famous)

 Jake is a guy that sets his mind to something and goes full steam ahead....obviously--
                                                               a college grad at age 20.
                                                When he went to Texas in May for the initial interview,
                                            he also found the apartments where he wanted to live.
 Since he knew the floorplan, he shopped online and picked everything out while still in school, then went to see it all in person.
All of his training was at a facility a couple hours away from where he will live.   Training (and a cheap hotel ) were done with yesterday.......SO today was his big day of actually buying everything and taking it home.
 Ikea only delivers to Beaumont on certain days....and he'll be working, so .......he sent this picture and said he was surprised it all fit in his car............
                                                               I don't think so
He and a friend (also buying from Ikea) rented a Uhaul truck for the same price as the delivery fee.
Jake will be having a fun time putting furniture together all weekend.  We're very excited for him=)

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