Mooooo---- sniff, sniff---boo hoooo

It was bound to happen.  Just as I was getting into the groove of making butter every week.......
Our cow went ka-put.
I would skin the cream, add live cultures, and put in front of the heat vent overnight.
                                                 Then I let my kitchenaid do all the work =)
                                  Strain the butter out, reserve the yummy buttermilk.   Rinse under cold water...
                                                            The knead the excess water out.
                  Do you do it differently?? any tips.  This is my 1st year.....and now it's over=(.
                               I suppose Dolly is dancing in the pasture without a care in the world.
                              We REALLY need to get moved to the farm and get our 100% very own cow!
                                                            I like the name Daisy=)

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  1. I had a goat named daisy. Petunia, rose, violet, Lilly.......you get the picture. I miss them. Maybe we will have a new season in the country again one day.