We love Children's Hospital......but not this much.

Since Avery's surgery, and overnight stay.
  We have been back to the hospital 3 times.
  Yep, fun times. 
 AJ's heart appointment went great, and he does not have to go back until the teen years.
Friday, Emmi complained of neck pain; which we thought was just a crick in her neck (she sleeps in the craziest positions).
 It got worse and she had very swollen lymph nodes on one side.  She was in a lot of pain, and at 2:20 am on Sunday morning, we knew we couldn't wait for primary care to open.  After a CT scan to check her airway, and for an abscess, we were sent home with a Rx.  We were told to come back if it got worse, or a fever developed.  Monday morning I called the ER follow-up nurse, who said the next step would probably be IV drugs, and that they don't do that at the pediatrician's office, so...no point in waiting for him to open, ...back to the ER.  Emmi got the IV drugs, and a sonogram.  We had to stay all day with the IV, and waiting on the ENT.  We were sent home again, with instructions to come back, prepared to be admitted, if there was no improvement by Wednesday.
Thankfully, the huge lymph node has gotten a little smaller, and she no longer has a fever.
Avery, 1 week post-op, is doing well.  There was no liquid diet this go around, but a we were very cautious and fed her only soft foods for several days.  She is just now "not afraid" to eat.  She kind of shuts down after surgeries. PTSS shows itself.  When I ask her a question, I have to ask her several times and tell her to say yes or no.  She is almost back to her normal self today.
Today, DH went to work, we did school and everything in our world was NORMAL!


  1. Janet! Oh my goodness. I so wish I lived closer to help you out and at least bring you a meal or something. Was it an abscess with Emmi? And it looks like Avery is healing up great.

  2. Yuck, sorry. We did one ER run this week also.