Today I stepped into the current century...

But it was by force, and I was kicking and screaming in defiance.
left: old phone, right: new phone.
My new phone is actually Jake's old phone.  The men in my life like to keep up with the latest technology......I  DO NOT.
On to other things.
I worked on the landscaping at the other house for a whole day.
 It was nothing but weeds before.  Below, is a "natural area" under some big trees.  It now has more than 10 blooming bushes, thanks to Lowe's clearance rack.  Some $20 plants were marked down to $1-$5, simply because they are spring bloomers.  This will be gorgeous in the spring.
 And today I added many hostas from my yard, and daylily's will be added too.
 I dug out and leveled the area for the blocks, salvaged from the old landscaping in another area.
The house did not get painted last week...hoping it will be soon.
 Jenna and Waid listening to the Ipad.  She listens to classical music, then goes to the piano and picks it our.  Seriously, with both hands, Fleur Elise and one of Chopin's are her favorites.
                                                     And we've had some beautiful weather!


  1. I am still in the previous century and while I would like to upgrade to the new century, funds are not currently allowing the transitition.

  2. I do love my old-century phone...but would upgrade if I could. No funds for that here either!

    I love the pictures of Jenna and Waid! How adorable!