One of life's mysteries

Cleaned out the "Tupperware" cabinet today......25 lids with no containers......
                                                   only 2 containers without lids???
 After that, I :
*made 30 cups of oatmeal mix
*cleaned the basement rooms
*organized school reading books
*washed 3 loads of clothes
*cooked 4 chickens
*put my new grocery list on the computer
*harvested basil
*baked 2 loaves of bread
It's one of those days where I can't even remember this morning, it seems like so long ago.
And here's a pic of the loot I scored on Sat. at a kids consignment sale.  64 pieces of clothing for $118!!  This year I restrained myself and only went to the 1/2 price day.  Some items were only .50, and the big splurge dress was only $5.

I am thankful that the girl's closet is stuffed from many of last year's clothes, and things bought throughout the year.  This is only 1 side of their closet....ridiculous, I know.
But cute girls clothes can easily be found at thrift stores, yard sales, etc.
Boys--a bit harder.
I got entire wardrobes, playclothes, and nicer clothes, for 3 boys, for about $100!!

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