Ya'll think I'm joking when I talk about my lack of technological skills, or the desire to learn.
A few months back, when we started buying local eggs, we needed to make sure we had cash on hand to pay for them.  DH usually gets cash while he's at work, since there is a credit union on site.
But, when he's been off a few days, sometimes we need to get cash locally.  Until a few months ago, I had not used an ATM machine in OVER 20 years!!
So if that didn't make you laugh, this will.  I was going to run errands today, and DH was staying home with the kids.  I wanted to be at a certain place when they opened, but DH needed me to get cash.  Trying to figure out what order to do the errands, I asked DH........
what time does the ATM open.
Yes, I did.

Brainless as I may be, I did make it to the book sale just before they opened.  I got 84 books for $25, including some great American History stories on the elementary level.  My ADHD child, pictured above, has sat in the den, QUIETLY, all day, reading, YAY!

And I learned something today at Whole Foods.  If you buy a case--of anything--you get a 10% discount on it.  Today I got the discount on a case of chicken.  Next month, I hope to take advantage of the 10% off on a lot of things.  I was told most things come in cases of 12.  I can easily take advantage of the deal with flour and pancake mix, maybe pasta and animal crackers too=)

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  1. You wouldn't make it as a military wife - that's where my training came!
    Cracking me up,