Yay Waid

Waid cannot count to 20, but look at what he CAN do!
This is a police car--see siren on top?
And the house is Jenna's, it's on fire, see flames at top?, and smoke.

Since last school year, he can identify and write all letters, and can even read a few words.  He can tell you what letter something starts with, and add small numbers on his fingers. 

Chores for Waid are hard to find.  I need all the help I can get, and I need to know that the chores are getting done.  He could do some of the other kids chores, but not thoroughly, or without follow-up.  For example, Jenna wipes baseboards once a week.  Waid could do it, but would skip around and not be thorough.  So, I finally found a job he can do, and it doesn't really matter if he does it well, but he is happy feeling like he is contributing=).

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