What's taking so long....

I never expected the work on the other house to take so long.  But this is the level of filth we have dealt with in every room.
 The good news is, in the kitchen at least, 25 years of grease and crud, probably protected the cabinets.  These are good 'ol custom built cabinets, much better quality than we could afford to replace them with.
 Now they look amazing!  And we still have to Murphy Oil Soap them, and change out hinges and handles.

 The kitchen is now painted, same green as in the boys room, and our basement den....love greens and blues.  We were so blessed to find a replacement stove for $100.  It is a drop in, they are hard to come by, and new ones start at $1k!
 Also got a $100 refrigerator, with icemaker!  The floor is hideous, but one thing at a time.
 Kristen has some vintage Merry Mushroom items, that are the theme of the kitchen.  My aunt had the whole set......had we only known they would come back in style.
Found the cute mushroom fabric on ebay, and had the other two.  I will be making curtains with them.
 The exterior painter will be working this week!  I went ahead and painted the doors, though, so they would not have to be left open when no one was home.  Since there is no color in the foyer, I decided to paint the inside of the door too!  The color is gorgeous--Sherwin Williams reflecting pool.
 And here's the color on the French doors in the den.  Notice old stove, with no door, sitting on back deck=0.  New roof went on last week, exterior paint this week, new windows and gutters on order, then we only have to do 2 bathrooms, fix walls and paint den, lay laminate floor in den, tile kitchen and baths, tile basement entryway and small area at front door, replace heater, rebuild deck, landscape, re-waterproof basement.............
                                                                  What were we thinking?!?


  1. Wow, I'm impressed!! Everything is coming along nicely!

    What in the world did you use to get your cabinets so spiffy? I desperately need to clean mine!

  2. But it is looking so great!!!!!!!!!!!!!