The zoo crew

A local non-profit org puts on quarterly events for vision impaired kids (and their siblings).  Last week it was at the zoo.  We have zoo passes,  but hoped that the special event would allow us the opportunity to be up close and personal with some animals.
 The kids got to pet a turtle, chinchilla, chicken, and a snake.  I will spare you the snake pictures.
 After a craft and pre-paid snack, we headed off to our favorite area, the farm.
 Waid had a zoo map in one hand and a goat snatched it away and ate it....pretty funny.
 Waid's favorite zoo activity is terrifying  chasing the chickens.
 Going to "pride rock" is Emmi's favorite.
 And here is (most of) the happy zoo crew at home with their masks.  Emmi was at a different craft table, and made something else.

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  1. Cute masks but even cuter t-shirts! That might help me call the kids the correct names; it often takes me three tries!