Since last week...

Progress is being made, be it ever so slowly.
We did not really comprehend the amount of clean-up and prep work involved here.  Spraying and mopping walls, scraping popcorn ceiling, sanding it....all just to paint.
 We spent Wed and Thurs trying to get as much done as possible, before the carpet went in.  So, we were not doing things in the typical order, which is driving me crazy.  For example, I painted 1st coat on baseboards, but did not do door or window frames.  I was just trying to avoid the problem of getting carpet stuck to baseboards.
 I pre-dipped everyone's mac and cheese lunch the night before.  Emmi thought it was great fun to decorated the throw-away containers.  We got 2 bedrooms, the 2 story foyer and stairs, and a short hallway all done, and the ceiling scraped and sanded in the 3rd bedroom.
In our time crunch, we decided getting the 2 story foyer done, before the last bedroom.  We knew it was far more likely to spill or drip paint there, than in the bedroom.  I keep forgetting to take my camera to the house.
 Jenna had her EUA on Friday, that will be a separate post, after we digest it all.
We were blessed with 7 grocery bags, filled full, of pears, all had fallen from the weight of the loaded down branches.  Our neighbor said she was told by someone else that the pears were not ready. I hated for all the fallen pears to go to waste.  I'm no pear conniseaur  (or spelling bee winner), but the seemed fine to me.  We will gather more later, and another friend at Eye Care Associates (hey y'all) is going to let me now when her pears are ready.
Emmi was great at turning the food mill crank, this gadget is amazing.  I cut the pears into sections, boiled them until they started to get soft.  Then ran them thru the food mill, seeds, core, and  skins all come out the side chute, leaving a bowl full of wonderful pear sauce.  The only down side, was the clamp did not fit on anything in the kitchen so we had to make many trips to the basement with hot pots.  I've made 12 quarts of pear sauce, a double batch of pear syrup, 4 loaves of pear bread, and a pear cobbler, plus we have 3 gallons of pear juice as a byproduct!  I froze the bread for future breakfast, and the most of the juice.  Thankful, Thankful, Thankful for all these pears!!

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    you really do inspire me!!!~Trina S