Coming and going

                                        Coming and going,  summer has gone way too fast!  I don't want to do school, waaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!  (That's me, not the kids)
The AC did not get fixed last night, so DH and I had to sleep upstairs.  And here is what the extra room looked like at 10pm.  Remember me mentioning that I wanted to catalog all the books in the house, and make a points reward system for the kids' reading....
 I'm kindof in the middle of that.  I had move everything so we could sleep.  I had to sleep on that love seat, because we're spoiled to a king bed, and I knew I'd probably sleep better on a dinky love seat, than squished on the queen bed.  I didn't oust a kid from their bed....I figured by the time I did that, and hooked up my CPAP machine, I'd have a whole room full of kids awake.
 The AC is now fixed, for under $500.  I'd rather not to have had the problem, or the expense, but am thankful it was not more, for a part, and at least 4 hours work.
 In a vein of total randomness, here is a bag of oatmeal that weighs more than the girl....50 pounds.
And big family FYI, it will last us 14 weeks.

 Fried green tomatoes anyone?  We've had them several nights this week, and DH cooked some up for the guys at work.  They sometimes get together and cook their supper together, when working nightshift.  We've also been blessed  with okra this week, from a neighbor, enough to cook and put in the freezer!
Lastly, the van got washed today!  This is picture worthy, since I no longer have teens around to wash it for me.  They are no longer teens, and  they are not around.  So, the van is only clean a couple of times a year.  Sad, I know.  But, I am very thankful for this van, despite the fact that it stays filthy=)

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  1. Our family loves oatmeal but the bag is so big! Oatmeal cookies stored in the freezer sounds good. Green tomatoes are yummy. Very healthy eating. Love your beautiful pool. Happy kids!