Going, Going, Gone

They moved out last Sunday.  The other house is no where near done.  But her room is done--without carpet.  Everything is clean, the rest will come with time.
Meanwhile, life is returning to normal at our house.  Rooms to put back in order, holes to fill, etc.
This week I completed 2 dresses. Monday I made 100 pancakes, using 2 griddles, to freeze.  They will last us 3 weeks, having pancakes for breakfast twice a week.  Next I have to tackle making a slew of tortillas.

My frugal find of the week.....I have loved these pots since they came out.  This big stock pot was at Tuesday morning for 1/2 the original price. 
Got it home just in time to can more beans.....manna from above.
I had bought 2 big pots from Sam's earlier in the year.  But they are aluminum, and we have decided not to use them,  they will go on Cra!gslist soon
Jenna finally got her portable CCTV!  It has been back-ordered for over a year.  Now she can read and look at things upstairs, instead of having to take things to the schoolroom to look at them.  She is excited that she will now be able to read upstairs at rest time..

I had planted this spinach in the front yard, behind the bushes, and basically forgotten about it.  This week, I have filled the dehydrator twice, with spinach.  The powder can be mixed into pasta sauce, casseroles, etc, to boost the nutritional value.
We are shelling peas, and Waid loves it!  He did quiet well.  This afternoon the kids shelled 6 qts, and we have about 10 more to shell tomorrow.
Tomorrow, we will go to Kristen's and work on painting baseboards.  We will only have a few rooms painted when the carpet goes in next week.  I'm fine with painting a room with the new carpet down, but it's basically impossible to paint baseboards without getting some on the carpet....so we're trying to knock that out.
Now that Kristen is actually in the house, we will slow our work down to 1 day a week.  Keeping the kids on schedule is a pretty big deal around here.
I will show some house pictures eventually, the progress has just been so sloooow.


  1. Janet, our computer is messed up so I am typing on the ipd which is insane, so I haven't commented much, but I have been keeping up. You are amazing! And I LOVE the snowman dress!!!!

  2. Anonymous11:00 PM

    Wow, you are BUSY and a very hard worker! Pastor Mike Hoggard put your link up to show the pics the kids drew of him - GREAT artwork! May God continue to bless your family, and prayers for your daughter eyes to be healed.