The kids loved this!!!

Waid, "Mr. Farner", and Gracie the cow.
 "Mr. Farmer" was so patient with all the kids.  He let Waid let help so much, Waid thought he was doing all the work.  At the end of milking, Waid told "Mr. Farmer" thank-you for helping him milk Gracie.
 Gracie up close.
 AJ really got into this.  He doesn't find many things that really interest him, that he is able to do.  He talked about it for days.  He has drawn cow pictures every day since.  He drew one picture that was pretty amazing for him....the cow was eating blueberries, and giving blue milk.  That's not exactly how it works ;), but the fact that he thought of that is fantastic.

  Don't know if this is Gracie or Dolly.
 AJ turning the valve to start the suction.
 Just before I took this picture, many of the chickens ran away.  They got to see green and blue eggs.
 There were dogs, and a cat that we also played with.
And this is Bella--one week old.  I'm not sure who all got to feed her, because she gulped the milk down sooo fast.
We are going to another farm this week=).


  1. I'm getting a milk cow next spring - then you can bring them to my house!

  2. Wow! This looks a lot of fun. Plus, the photos are great! It's awesome to see that the kids are really enjoying. Anyway, great idea for a weekend activity. Thanks for sharing this!