Frugal Friday and Farm

I just wanted to show off my beautiful, hi-end, decorator canisters.  Animal cracker containers from Sam's. I love that they are square (and free).  I have oatmeal, grits, brown sugar, white sugar, 2 kinds of flour, and 2 of rice.  I have smaller sugars and flours containers in the kitchen, and oatmeal mix in the pantry.
 And just so ya know, these hold about 20 lbs of sugar--I filled up my kitchen canister too.
 Bunnies!!!!!!!!!!  Some of the daddies were HUGE!  We only got to pet babies.
 I don't know why Jenna is so afraid to touch animals.
 There were kittens, lots of chickens, every kind imaginable, peacocks, and more.

There were 2 great pyreneese dogs....I want one...NO, slap me, I'm crazy.
                                                                 Goats and sheep.
                                                        Love the doggies.

                                         Makes me want a farm...again, slap me, I've lost my mind.

 Can you tell Waid reeeeeally likes this dog?  No, we do not need a dog, no, we do not need a dog, no, we do not need a dog, no, we do not need a dog.....keep saying it.

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  1. Anonymous5:16 PM

    Oh every little gets so much from a dog...just saying :)
    Trina S.