A few thrifty things I never posted

A few weeks ago, when we were buying things for the other house, we ended up without a foyer light fixture.
 Kristen and I hit a few yard sales on the way to buy groceries.  We found this light for $7.  
Bought some textured spray paint at WM, and voila!If we EVER get it hung, I show you the final results.  We thought the house would be done, and Kristen would be in it by now.  But there were 7 liens discovered in the title search, and we are not-so-patiently waiting for them to be cleared up.
We hope to close next week.

 Do you check the "clearance" rack at Sam's?  I do, religiously.  Most of the time I come up empty handed, but not this week.  I saved over $8 because the boxes were damaged!
 Do you like my 39 cent vase? I've been seeing jars and vases on pinterest where special paint, or special techniques were used to paint the inside.  I remembered making Christmas balls with Kristen and Jake, many years ago, where we just squirted acrylic craft paint into glass balls, and swirled it around.  So I tried it with a thrift store vase, it worked great, no special paint required.  This would be a great kid craft, and filled with homegrown flowers=)


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