New snack, muffin tops and more

This is our new favorite snack.  Chocolate covered frozen bananas.  Quick  and easy.  I've seen prettier ones, but we don't have that kind of time.
1/3c peanut butter and 1/3c chocolate chips, melt in microwave.  Dip slices (from 7-8 bananas) in, freeze on cookie sheet, then transfer to storage container.
They'll keep in the freezer at least a month...some of ours got pushed to the back of the freezer; it's the only reason they survived that long.
 No muffin tops here.....these were left on the table for DH and I to have for snack, a boy named Wes ate the yummy crumb tops off.  I was not amused.
We have carrots, unfortunately they are short and stumpy.  These were grown in a hard clay like dirt (I realized after planting).  Hopefully others planted in more sandy soil, and peat moss will do much better.
Kristen has been here 2 weeks, and we are all coping surprisingly well....it's not always easy to have a grown kid back in the house.
We had to make a temporary fence for her 3 dogs.
They have worn spots in the grass, but that is an easy fix.
The title search on the house was ordered today, so we hope to close before the 4th.  Good grief, how can it be almost July!?
Today was officially the 1st day of our new school year, the kids were actually thrilled.


  1. Anonymous8:33 PM

    I cant wait to try those treats!! ~Trina Scoda

  2. What? I'm still on last school year!