Jake found out today.  He got the job with the Texas Prison system!! I don't know whether to cheer for him, or cry because he will be so far away=(.
Also, he found out last week, he was accepted into Liberty's graduate student program.  So he plans to do graduate school online from Texas.  He graduates from PCC in December.  We are so proud of
The girls having a stuffed animal picnic earlier this week.  What's up with the sideway head, Jenna?
 Clanton peaches are now at the farmer's market.  I canned spiced peaches---smells delicious.
 This is our haul from last Saturdays market visit.
 My magnolia tree is blooming, but Gardenia's are still the best.
 We're picking truckloads of beans=)
 Emmi helping Wes with piano.  Today I made more Carrot Cake Jam.  We have eaten/given away all that I made in March.
Stay tuned for a HUGE Frugal Friday!!


  1. Oh Janet, wow! I still am absolutley amazed at your harvest and all that you are getting done. Its been a pretty rough week here and I feel like NOTHING has gotten done except taking care of the animals. But I am so proud of you. And your girls look adorable with their bears.

  2. Congrats to Jake!
    And Texas isn't so far! We go out to my sister's in San Antonio fairly often and it hasn't actually killed us yet.