Emmi took petals from the snowball bush, and strung them on a piece of pinestraw.
                                                            Then others had to do it.
 Emmi and her cherry trees.


 Waid found a clever way to drive the truck.  The bushes in the background are the ones that were badly hanging over the fence.
 Now for the PhD.  Years ago, DH got junk mail addressed to Dr. Hurley...because his initials are D and R.  I guess some type of computer program picked up the initials, and thought he was a doctor.
We've joked about it over the years, whenever someone is hurt, they go see Dr. Hurley,  Dr. Hurley diagnosed my fibromyalgia, and found the correct doctor to send me to, etc.
 After working on the fence the other day, we cleaned up the tools.  At supper, I remembered that the post hole digger was laying in a different part of the neighbors yard, so I asked him if he got the post hole digger.  He said, "after all these years as a doctor, now I have a PhD. "  It took me a minute--but I got it....he has a post hole digger.....funny guy.  Even without a doctorate, or PhD, he's one of the smartest guys I know=).  I am so blessed to have him!

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  1. Anonymous9:38 PM

    Way to go momma, singing your hubby's praises!!!
    Trina Scoda