Mary, Mary, quite contrary

How does your garden grow?
 We have had salad with our meal, for several nights, with salad greens entirely from our garden!
 The curly leaf lettuce is wonderful, cabbage on the right, spinach behind it, and I have 1 celery plant that looks amazing.  We need to sew more lettuce seeds.  Tonight, I substituted homegrown kale, borage, and spinach, in a casserole that only called for spinach.
 Tomatoes, doing great, these will be loaded down!  The cherry tomatoes (below) are also doing great.  We have green beens and squash that will be ready to eat soon.
 With all this growing around here, I am sad to say that one thing is not growing.  Wes.
I have several medical updates for you.  The endocrinologist recommended we leave Wes on the HGH shots for a complete year, before deciding to discontinue them.  So we will see.  The good thing is that the medication can be stopped cold turkey, with no side effects, or doctor visits necessary.
I didn't post immediatly following his appt.  It was an interesting appt, in which I felt led to lecture the 20- something- year-old intern.   She asked Wes how many girlfriends he had.  (Funny--he said 4--thinking sisters--but was totally clueless).  I informed her that it was a totally inappropriate question for an 8 year old, and there were 100s of other questions she could have chosen, and in a society that pushes children to grow up way too quickly, why would she want to contribute to that? I was very nice, but let her know how I felt, she apologized several times.   Meanwhile, DH had an intersting encounter with a lady in the waiting room, who got up out of her seat and came over to him, just to be nosey.  Then, when the appt was over, Wes went on out to DH, and I was behind a partial wall scheduling the next appt.  DH got everyone rounded up, and headed to the lobby.  I got to watch the reactions of people, and hear comments, as he led the crew out  the door; a perspective I have never had before.  It was an interesting day.

Waid's major testing (a few weeks ago) did not happen.  Turns out only 1 person in all of Birmingham can preform one of the tests, and she called in sick.  There was time, but we were not notified until we were there---argh!  This was the 3rd try, the 1st two times were cancelled due to snowstorm and flu.  All along, DH and I were leaning towards NOT doing the surgery.  We decided that after 3 tries to get the testing done, God was telling us to just let it go. 
He does have his 2x year exam under anesthesia on Wed.  He has complained that his eyes hurt.

Jenna had an eye exam with our low-vision specialist last week.  It was originally thought that her condition (underdeveloped eyeballs) would remain stable throughout her life.  The exam revealed significant loss, and she will see another specialist in 2 weeks.  The dr was so concerned that when they gave her an appt (she was on speaker phone), she told them that we really needed something asap.  Also, because of this unexpected deterioration, Jenna would need to learn braille, and not depend only on CCTV and other magnifying devices. 

Now I think we are caught up!

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  1. Janet, a couple of things.

    1. Wow! on the produce! We just got our garden in yesterday. You are on the ball!

    2. Your children are a blessing to you, I know, but they are so blessed to have you as a momma. You are doing such a wonderful job and it is going to be amazing to see how He uses them for His Kingdom!