Terrific Tuesday

We have been busy as usual.  Emmi wanted cherry trees.....yep, she got them.
After thousands of dollars in tree removal services, we are now planting plums, cherries, pears, apples, and blueberry bushes.  When I commented about the irony to DH, he said "yeh, but those trees didn't feed us".  Hopefully we will have plentiful, healthy snacks for growing kids=).
 Emmi made this wagon out of zoobs, for her pets to ride in.  The kids always want pictures of their creations......

 I completed this dress this week...for Free!  The fabric was given to me by my friend RebekahRebekah, everything else was on hand.
 Rebekah will be travelling soon to bring home 2 daughters from China....I will pass this dress along to them  in the future.
 Bad picture, but 2 kids caught being sweet.  Avery is reading the toy story coloring book to AJ.
Waid has major eye testing tomorrow, a sonogram and something else, but we won't see the doctor for a few weeks.  We will then have some life changing decisions to make.


  1. You are so talented with the dresses. And all that you do. We have two cherry trees and I cannot wait for them to bear. I checked the plum trees yesterday and there are little baby plums all over it. So excited!

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE that Chinese lantern smocking plate!
    Where did you get it????