Lovin the outdoors

We're spending more time outside, than inside this week.
Emmi caught "Livia", and everyone played with "her", until "her" tail fell off.
The tail wiggled around on the ground, everyone screamed. DH told them to let it go, and "her" tail would grow back.  Then he  told them that the tail would wiggle for a while, like a chicken, whose head is cut off, the chicken runs around.  Then Emmi asked if a chicken's head would grow back=0
 And here's Waid's catch of the day....fun.....fun.....
Waid asked me if frogs eat bees and bugs.  I said yes, bugs, but I don't think they would eat beas.
He said he didn't think they would eat cows either----where did that come from?!
Then he proceeded to tell me that cows were black and white striped, like Zebras....
Yes, he cracks us up daily, and doesn't even try.
 Lots of playground time, staying out til 6, and now, feeling the effects of the pollen.
 Waid woke up with puffy eyes today, and a stuffy nose.  I didn't allow him outside this morning, but he still kept getting worse, weazing, etc.
 By day's end, we were at the Dr. office , we saw a new one, as our regular ped was booked up.
This guy was aggressive with treatment, which I love.  Knock it out all at once, don't give me the "let's see if this works, if not we can up the dosage".
 So Waid got FIVE meds, including an inhaler, and we saw results in just a couple of hours!!!  Based on his asthma ER visit last year, and this repeat, we will need to see an allergist at some point; just add it to our list of specialists.
Speaking of specialists, Wes saw his endocrinologist Thursday.  Not sure where to go from here.
He is growing, not catching up, but not falling farther behind I guess.  He will be 9 years old in 2 months, and is the same height as Avery and Waid, who are 12 and 16 months younger than him.  His weight is at 3 percentile, and height at 2 percentile.....the exact percentiles that he was 3 years ago.  Another test was run, and we will decide based on results, whether or not this small amount of growth is worth daily shots, and would he have grown the same amount anyway?  It's a puzzle to me.

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  1. Waid's comments crack me up!! I feel your pain on Wes...looks like we both are gonna have tiny guys!