We've had some nice weather, then on Saturday it snowed--just flurries, thank goodness!  And it seems a little "tornado-ish" today.
I thought the groundhog said we would have an early spring?
 Our new sidewalk has become quite the spot for riding the truck.
This past week marks 8 years home for Emmi, and 3 years home for Wes--where does the time go?
 Well, here is where some of my time went yesterday and today.  Hawaiin Delight jam (tastes like the baby food) and 12lbs of carrots.  I used the pressure cooker!! It was a little scarry the first time,  but it's really easy.
 DH will be off  Wed and Thurs, so I am sure we'll be preparing the 50lbs of potatoes. Here is some of what he's been working on:  We had enough Geostone left from the retaining walls to make two 9' circles for a raised bed garden.  We also have some old blocks, from a small wall that used to be in the yard.  We will use them to make an 18' long planting bed along the fence. Soon DH will bee off for 16 days straight.  We should get alot done!!
I'll try to show you the rest of the garden plans later this week.

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  1. That's how we did the first few raised beds - leftover retaining wall brink. Now we keep building more and have to buy the bricks.