Tightwad Tuesday-haha

FYI:   There is a Tightwad, Missouri; there are 64 people residing there.

I've been getting alot of questions lately by PM, blog and in person, about saving money.
I should probably set up a page on the sidebar, but I don't have enough time or braincells to figure that out.

With 3 long-haired girls in the house, detangler is a must.  I've been making this at least 5 years....so long that I don't even know how much a bottle of detangler cost....to tell you what the savings is.  Any conditior would work, even the 99cent suave, just mix about 1 part to 2 parts water.
I use the green bottle leave-in-conditioner on my hair every night.  I put it in a pump bottle.  So when I cannot easily squirt any more out of the green bottle, I add water to it and shake, there's the detangler for the girls.
I was going to say that the pig has nothing to do with frugality, Emmi just wanted it in the picture.  But actually, it does.  I set the timer for kids bathtime.  They get 10 minutes total, so less than 5 minutes is in the shower.  They get wet and turn the water off.  Wash everything, then turn the water back on to rinse.  I know as they get older, this may not work, but it works for now.
 Next, how much do you pay for lotion?  Cheap brands don't work, and better brands are $5+++.
The kids have extremely dry skin.  In the winter, we were ending up with cracked and bleeding places on their hands.  Nothing was working...until....Coconut Oil.  I was investigating and was about to order Shae butter and coconut oil to mix; when I saw this at Wal Mart.  14oz for $6 something.  It was in the cooking oil section, not the lotion, vitamins,etc., where I had looked before.  It has a low melting point, so it's kind of like rubbing on crisco, but melts almost instantly.  It is an oil, so I only put it on the kids at bedtime....I don't need oil spots on walls.  I have used it through out the day though, and have not had a problem, it does soak in after a few minutes.  I filled the little silver tin (about 3oz), and put it in the bathroom.  In three weeks, for 7 people's hands, we have only used about 2oz., so it goes a long way!
 I've posted this one before, but it was a few years ago.  Homemade foaming hand soap.  I bought dial dispensers for each bathroom, and a huge jug of liquid soap at Sam's.  When the dial was gone, I mixed 3c water to 1c handsoap.  Stir GENTLY or it will bubble up.  Pour into contianers.  These containers have lasted me about 3 years so far.  A jug of  soap lasts at least a year...I've only bought one more since my original post in 2010.  Savings: over $500 a year!!!!!!!!!!
 Pepper spray for the garden:  DH found out about this, but I can't say that it works yet.  A couple of dollars for habenero peppers, grind, add water, strain into spray bottle, add about a teaspoon of dishwashing liquid.  We ran the peppers through 3 times, to get all the good out of them.  The soap helps the spray cling to the leaves.  You can spray it on the plants and around garden area to keep bugs, deer, squirrels, etc. away.  I've planted marigolds, borage, nastartium, hyssop, and other pest deterring plants, but we will try the pepper spray until the plants get big enough to do the job.
I suppose it would also be good to have handy if bigfoot is spotted on the premises...my kids are looking for him.                          Tomorrow, I will share about my 45 year relationship with Tide; that has ended.


  1. Hahaha,the local Kansas City tv news station we watch always tells the temp in Tightwad, MO!

    I love all your handy frugal hints! Keep 'em coming!

  2. Anonymous8:57 PM

    Hey there lady, thanks tons for the tater tips:) I have made our detergent for awhile now but if your food processor is an indication of homemade detergent, I think your recipe is differnt than mine. Cant wait to see that post :)~Trina