Thankful Thursday and a whole lot more

This week we got some good news about finances.  Remember me mentioning that all the tax changes, plus insurance going up...our paycheck would be $160 a month less??
DH's annual raise was more than expected!  The amount restored the $160 that was lost, plus about $40 more!  God is good; always!
His annual bonus was more than expected also, we are so very thankful! 
Remember our 50lb bag of potatoes?  No, this isn't the whole bag=), it's 10 lbs....or it was.  After peeling, the weight was 10 lbs, after dehydrating, each jar weighs 1.14 lbs.  I didn't weigh the empy jar, but we can safely say there is 4 lbs. of water in every 5lbs of potatoes.  We measured and weighed throughout the whole process.  I was thrilled when 5 lbs perfectly filled a quart jar---because we make 5lbs. at a time.  At a later date, we soak, boil and mash.

 Tomatoes planted Valentine's Day.
 As you can see, we are planting seeds (in the garage) in every imaginable container.  When I saved a frozen juice container to plant in, DH said "I've created a monster".
 After they sprout the go under the light.  Those tomatoes pictured above had to be translplanted.  Hopefully we will be able to plant more recently sown seeds directly into the ground. 
 Potatoes....dirt has already been added twice....there are more tubs behind me.
 See the white lid on the middle-right? It's a large ketchup bottle--top cut off then replaced for terarium effect.......told you we were using all kinds of containers.
 I haven't counted how many kinds of seeds we have....but there are alot!
And then there are the hydroponics. Disneyworld grows the food served in their resturaunts this way.  There used to be a ride in tomorrowland that went thru the greenhouse and showed it...I don't know if it's still there. This is DH's test build for his system.  Buckets for free.  The PVC is leftover from the yard sale clothes racks that he made me several years ago.   I do not forsee any more yardsaled for years to come, so he's using the PVC.


  1. Man! I'm impressed!!!

  2. Okay Janet, I don't think we can be friends anymore. So just kidding!!! How in the world do you find the time to get these things done??? Seriously. You are amazing!

  3. I look forward to seeing pictures of the garden in full growing mode this spring/summer. Disney does still have the ride you mentioned. We saw it just this past Dec. at Epcot. I hope your hydroponics attempts prove to be fruitful :)