Power outages and funny visitor

Our area had straight line winds and tornadoes on Monday.  Many homes, further north, are expected to be without power until Thursday.  Thankfully, ours was only out for 18 hours.
 I am thankful for lights =)....not because  mine are back on, but because they never went out....confused?   A few months ago DH came across a deal on a used whole-house generator.  Being an electrician, he knew he could give it a tune-up, and make good use of it. 
It wasn't a planned purchase, so it hurt a little, but yesterday, it proved to be well worth it.

Since DH works for the power company, if he is at work when a storm occurs, he does not get to come home.  Or if ice and snow are expected, they call him in early, and put him up in a hotel down the street from corporate HQ.
What that means on the homefront---I am home alone with 6 kids, with no power.  It can be exhausting....moving beds, watching kids when candles are everywhere, they can't play in other rooms if it is dark, the cooking problems, worrying about the food in the freezer.....I bet you can relate.
No more!  I am truly thankful for GOD'S provisions !

 And here is the funny visitor.  Can you believe this guy roams our neighborhood?
What I couldn't believe, was that Kristen said there were several, and they'd been around for years.
We have lived here 8 years and I have never seen them----but now I know.

See him on the fence?  Other visitors, over the years, have included BIG turtles, deer, rattle snakes, a bunny every year in the spring, and plenty of ducks and geese.  Who is the funniest visitor you've ever had??  We had an Emu visit in Tallassee.


  1. I was wondering how you were making out. We never lost power, but it was crazy here for about 10 minutes. I was pretty sure we would see or hear about a tornado close by. So glad you had the generator.

  2. Oh, I'll make you feel really good. We bought a new generator that was in the trailor that we lived in while we built the house. For three years, it came on 20 mins. on Saturday to test but we never lost power. Now 4.5 years after building the house, the generator is still sitting in the field not moved to the house AND we pay a rental each year on the huge tank that nothing is hooked up to. UHHHHH - if the power does go out, we don't even have water and we don't even know if the generator still works or would support this house.