Frugal Friday

The IRS kindly deposited our tax refund today!!
We mailed if off on February 1st.
WAY better than last year's wait until August!!
DH wasted no time.....
Now I can say my van is PAID OFF!!!!
I haven't had a paid off vehicle for....um.....about 12 years.
When we adopted Emmi, we had to trade, then the vehicle after that was to be paid off the very month that it died (just 3 weeks before going to China to adopt Wes).....which led to the purchase of this van.
I am so thankful, and hope to never return to a car payment!
Oh, and I saved $5 =).  Aldi had baby bella mushrooms for .99.  I bought ten 8oz packages.  The Aldi normal price is $1.49, but you Aldi shoppers know, they don't always have them.  Then I have to pay twice as much elsewhere.  So, they are all happily dehydrating right now, and my house smells amazing!!  This makes me happy because I only buy groceries once a month.  Now I can have my bella recipes anytime, for several months to come.


  1. I have been buying lots and lots of mushrooms from ALDI and using them quite a bit. I am on a mushroom kick. How do you dehydrate yours-like how long and how do you use them after they are dehydrated? How do you store them?

  2. Yahoooo! What a blessing!

  3. Anonymous1:02 AM

    Could you perhaps on a frugal Friday tell about your once a month shopping? I would love to know how you manage that especially with produce and milk. You have a beautiful family! Melissa