Frugal Friday Finds

At Aldi:   $2.22 while supplies lasted, sadly there were only 2 left, I got them.
Later in the day, at Walmart, I checked the price there, it was $4.48.
 At the library:  $3 for a Genevieve Foster classic (I love those), 5 animal books, Heidi, American Girl, 2 history, and 3 other fun books.
 On Amazon:  If you need a credit card, Amazon is offering a $50 credit for opening an account, and the card earns amazon points.  DH has been looking for a card that has rewards we can actually use.  So this worked out great to replace our Disney card that we have had for 9 years---and never went to Disney.  (I'm not advocating taking out a new card for every special offer that comes along--that can ruin your credit rating.  But it was a change we were looking to make.)

So the meat grinder was just over $1.
DH got chicken thighs, reduced at Sam's, and an equal amount of chicken breast.  We mixed them together, ground it, bagged it, froze it.  Worked out to be $1.80 per pound.  I will use it in casseroles calling for ground beef.  Since I only use the 90/10 mix, the chicken is almost 1/2 the price!
I've used ground turkey before, but never ground chicken---so we will see if we like it.
We have several turkeys in the freezer, bought on sale after Thanksgiving, we may grind them up soon. 
Lastly:  Big Lots, $17.50 for a large microfiber dry mop and 6 washable pads.  I've been on the look-out for something like this to replace swiffer.  Swiffer is a daily chore upstairs, and alternates with vacuuming every other day on the main level at our house.  Swiffer pads from Sam's
cost us $15.46 every other month.  So this mop pays for itself in about 2 months, then clean floors are free=).
Did you find a good deal this week?


  1. Hooray about your meat grinder! I LOVE mine so much. And ground chicken is super yummy and very versatile! I also love ground pork, especially for dumplings. (My husband loves ground ham for ham-salad sandwiches!)

    I scored butter for $1.88 a pound this week! Got 8 pounds and plan to go back for more before the sale ends.

    Yippee for great deals!

  2. Anonymous4:55 PM

    I scored sweet potatoes (priced matched at Walmart) for $0.29 lb!! Also on your bacon, if you take the reciept in, they will still price match it if you show them the receipt. I have done this for Legos before :)I also scored a twin bed frame for $10!! Now, looking for a box spring brand new for cheap, cheap!!

  3. Awesome on the bacon!

    And the books!

    And thanks for the heads up on the Mr. Clean pads. Could you attach these reusuable pads to the Swiffer base?