Emu's, apples and carrot cake

 So here's something for you, leading up to a big garden post.  Forty one 5-gallon buckets, previously used for Emu oil.  They will be placed in a part of the side yard that no on has to look at, and used for container gardening.  They nice guy that owns the company gave them to us.  Here is some free adverting for him.......
 this particular cream has glucosamine and other things with it.  We haven't tried our samples yet, but I read that it is good for a host of things.  The oil is extracted from the fat of the Emu, Emu farms raise the animals for meat.
 Funny faced Wes built this cool airplane today.
 I played with more of my new gadgets.  This thing is actually fun! and worth it's weight in gold.
I made 3 quarts of spiced apple rings.  I remember having these as a kid (storebought).  I don't know if they were expensive, or just didn't fit into my mom's regular menu, but they were a special treat.
 I left the red food coloring out---if our ADHD kids don't need it, then it surely can't be good for the rest of us.  There are 7 half-pints of----are your ready----Carrot Cake Jam!!!!! It is amazing.
 With the apple snakes made from the peeler, and the leftover juice from the spiced apple rings, the kids each had a bowl of this.....they loved it, although it doesn't look so great.
And here is Waid with his cool helicopter.
Happy weekend=)

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  1. Ok, does that apple peeler corer work well? I have the Pampered Chef one and it only cuts super perfect apples - about one in eight. I find it frustrating and it turns my hands black over and over...don't know why.
    I'd love one that works as I can lots of applesauce every fall.