Thankful Thursday and busy, busy day.

I sold my Disney Bucks!  And am very thankful about that!
The extra money will enable us to do some things we've been wanting to do for a while.
Growing and preserving food.
Getting started can be expensive, but most of the expenses are one time only, then in future years, it's basically free.
DH got this dehydrator from a lady at work, who only used it once.  She paid $300, and told DH "what was I thinking....I am single"......so she sold it to us for $100, since we have a big family and will put it to good use.
 DH also has a bag sealer machine waiting for him at work, also used.
We got a pressure canner, food strainer, chopper, apple peeler, canning kit, and started a collection of jars.
Some call them coincidences....but I am thankful for the little things God puts in place for us.
When I was running errands, I ran into a relative that I haven't seen in a couple of years.  In our conversation, she told me that there were a bunch of canning jars in her attic that we could have!!
I do not believe it was coincidence that after 2+ years, I ran into her on the day I was looking for canning jars---and she has some that she does not use! 
So today we got busy testing things out!!  These bananas are dipped in honey----YUM!
There was a banana-y--honey juicy stuff left, so I made some peanut butter balls.
 Strawberries were 3/$5, so there are 6 pints of strawberries, 2 bunches of bananas, 7 apples, and 1 pkg of baby portabella mushrooms.  The house smells so yummy!

The dehydrator filled up before we used all the strawberries, so I made jam with the rest.
My FIRST time ever!  All 3 jar lids popped, so hopefully this will be wonderful.
The kids loved eating the apple peel snakes, and Emmi licked the jam tools clean.
Today I also cleaned the main level.....deeeeep clean. 
ALOT has been happening here over the past week, much related to my Frugal Friday post for tomorrow.  Also, AJ had eye surgery (both eyes this time) on Tuesday.  He is not our best patient;), but is doing fine...another thing to be thankful for.


  1. So impressed. I have a dehydrater that I've never used :( but I'm keeping it.... Unlike the rest of the junk I'm trying to move out.

  2. Janet! How in the world did you do all this in a week???? Deep cleaning, making jam, and having a child have major surgery?????? Yikes-you are the supermom and superwoman.