Snow school

We've had a snow theme in school the last couple of weeks.  I should have started it right after Chirstmas.  We have had about 1 day a week that has been sunny and in the 60's.....but we'll keep doing our snow theme anyway.  Above is out Mitten Tree, which is a really cute book!

 Ummm, Wes's snowman is yellow....and we don't even have a dog=0
 They really enjoyed making snowflakes out of coffee filters.
 Look at this face!!! Yes, there is an attitude to go with it!!!  She actually didn't have an attitude at that time, just looked up as I snapped the pic.  She reminded me of the girls in China selling herbs, etc. on the street.  Actually, she is dipping our 50lb bag of rice into smaller containers.
Last Frugal Friday, I never posted.  But here's a frugal tip.  A few weeks ago I mentioned our super easy granola.  The kids loved it on yogurt.  And maybe it was all in my head, but on the days we had it for breakfast, they didn't ask for a snack before lunch--which is super!  Anywho, they wanted more granola, but I didn't have more yogurt.  The solution...ripe mashed bananas!  Now if I'm shopping and see ripe bananas for a steal, I'll get some, and have a good use for them.

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  1. My niece just told me about banana ice cream-somehow you make ice cream with bananas only. Hmmm....

    I love the Mitten book. I love all of Brett's books. Checked one out for James last night.