Frugal Friday-leftover stew

With 8 people eating here, we don't have alot of leftovers.  Also, each nights meal includes enough for DH's lunch the next day.  I have been saving leftovers in the freezer...just dumping them all in the same bag.  I had 3 bags full, and decided (gulp) it was time to try this out.
 I dumped the frozen stuff into the crock pot to simmer all day.  After everything was melted, I tasted it, and added some seasoning.  Though every pot will be different....this was really good!  I especially liked the grits in it.   We had cornbread with it too=)
It took about a month to fill one baggie, so I figure we can eat stew once a month.
Cha-ching, that is one "free" meal per month--averaging about $12 savings!!

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  1. Great savings! We have grits every Wednesday morning for breakfast, but I never would have thought about them being yummy in soup! Thanks for sharing!