Frugal Friday and new dress

Avery needed a slip to go under the new dress I made--just in time for Valentine's Day. I am guessing a slip would cost more than most dresses that I make or purchase at thrift stores. SO--I had this hand-me-down undershirt....10 minutes at the sewing machine with scrap fabric, and VIOLA! This shirt was stretched out around the bottom, so I knew it would have enough give at the hemline, plus I added a kick-vent. If the shirt weren't stretched out, I could have easily added a few pleats at the waist, so it would have the extra give at the hemline. Cost.....$0
On Tuesday, we had a way too early appointment at Children's. So early that we were able to go to a thrift store, and make it home before lunch. We found a new skirt for Emmi, plus a few others, and 3 NEW skirts for me! and a couple of shirts. I rarely look for me at the thrift stores, because there is so much to look thru, many stores do not have a fitting room (and I hate to spend $ only to discover it won't fit right) AND because after I drag the kids thru all the other department, they are near meltdown point;0. So I was thrilled to find a few things for myself.
It is supposed to be a pretty day tomorrow--I can't wait!!

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