Frugal Friday...you don't know if you don't ask

SO, I did ask.
For Mother's Day/Father's Day, and for Christmas, Jake buys us dinner out, and babysits the kids.
So after we stuffed our faces at The Cheesecake Factory, we went to World Market....just to look around, Jake told us we were required to be gone at least 5 hours=).
===On a sidenote, the meal, and desert were amazing.  But we were in culture shock in so many ways, obviously, because we don't get out much.  But I was a bit sick, actually, at seeing the shopping center parking lot full, and sooo many people spending money at such expensive stores....and this was before the fiscal cliff thing was resolved.  But that is a whole nother post that will probably never happen.====

At World Market, there were some shower curtains on a pole in the hall and ladies restroom.  I figured they were "last ones".  Then it caught my eye.....
You may recall, we hope to redo the kids bathroom soon.  Much to consider before deciding to do a total gut job, or just a facelift.  Either way--this will be perfect!!

I asked a worker about it, who went to ask someone else, and got back to me.  She said "the shower curtains are $29.99".  GULP, I said I'd show it to my husband, and who should I ask for it we want it?
I went up to the other shower curtains, and saw that they were $29.99, and assumed she did not tell the manager that I was talking about a "last one" that had been in the bathroom for who knows how long.  SO, I approached the manager and told her I was the one who had asked about the curtain...in the bathroom...and asked if she could sell it to me for $20.  She was very bubly, and said "I can sell it to you for whatever price you want!=0"  So, half-joking, I said  "how bout $1.99", she said "Sure!".

On the way to get it down there was small talk and I told her about my kids.  At the check out (we did but discounted wrapping papaer too), I thanked her and she said "Happy New Year!", and that was that.
We had a blessed day!


  1. Anonymous3:17 AM

    Awesome deal! I wonder if I go into world market and try the same approach if I will have the same luck.

    One little complaint about your blog that I want to point out that you may not notice...but somewhere in your settings, you turned off the "date" feature for your posts and so its a little hard to follow along/read back and know where I am or I'm caught up or not!

    Just thought I would mention.

  2. Anonymous8:35 PM

    AWESOME!!! deal. I think the Lord really wanted to bless you :)