Frugal Friday from the 25th

Triple pack of Krusteaz cookie mix--big box like sam's has. I got at Aldi for $1.49. A single pack was $1.78 at Wal Mart. The icing pouches for decorating cookies, 49 cents at Aldi, almost $3 at Wal Mart. Topsy turvey tomato growers ( I hope they work), $4.88 at Wal Mart, they are $10-$12 in season. Have you found any great deals this week?
Aldi also had alot of fresh fruit. Strawberries were $1.88, canteloupes 99 cents. I also got grapefruit and baby bella mushrooms.
I've been looking for new breakfast ideas....that are cheap, easy, and the kids will eat. I found a super easy recipe for granola! We put it on top of yogurt. A big tubis under $2, and feeds me and the kids.

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  1. Please share your granola recipe! I love granola but a lot of the store brought kind is s hard and just tastes all kinds of wrong.

    Also I came by to tell you that nominated your blog for a Liebster award. More details here: http://ashoenation.blogspot.com/2013/01/a-little-bit-of-me.html