Yeh, right

Did you really think this was mine??
Remember Jake bought a new smart car about 2 months ago?
It died on the way home from college Friday.
I guess when your new car dies, the dealership is embarassed and will give you any loaner you want....at least if you are charming, and your name is Jake.
So until further notice, this is my 19 year old son's 2013 Mercedes.....and yes, it is fun to drive....and yes, I could afford it if I really wanted to, but prefer to feed my family daily meals=)
 We've been invaded by college kids, needed a stopover place on their long way home, or a nights stay before catching a plane, etc.  We'll have various big kids in and out of the house thru next Wed.
 Waid lovin on Jake=)
 Waid being tickled by Mary Beth.

Emmi's friend Jared, who has lovingly called me Mama Hurley for the last 5 years.
We are thankful for Jake's wonderful friends and the opportunity to help them out and spend time with them!

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  1. Anonymous12:35 AM

    Yay!! I'm on the blog, and just get Jake to buy you that Mercedes Mama Hurley!