Merry Christmas

Last year, when we were in China, Emmi thought it was wonderful that we got Christmas before everyone in the US.  We didn't do presents or anything special, and she just thought it was great to be "first" to have Christmas.
 This year, she could not contain herself, when she found out that we would----again----get Christmas first.
 DH has to work, so we had Christmas on Christmas Eve morning.
Sincew we were in China last year, and had the flu on Christmas day the year before....this is the 1st "normal" Christmas at home for 4 of the kids!

 ----Jake, and his new size 14 shoes.
 AJ loves games that talk or make sounds.

 I can tell the Zoobs will be a great hit!
Everyone calls this a xylaphone.  This is actually a glockenspiel; xylaphones are made of wood.
Whatever we call it, they love it!
Happy Birthday Jesus!


  1. It was so great meeting your beautiful family in China last year! Merry Christmas!

    Amy Patzer

  2. Glad yall had a good Christmas! It was good to see you, even if it was briefly, the other day!