Flu phase 2

Yesterday DH decided that Emmi and I needed to go to urgent care to make sure we didn't have strep.
Thankfully it is only a mile from our house, and we were the 1st ones there.
So-officially we have Flu-A.
The rest of the day,  I was on the recliner, with my heating pad, sweatsuit with hoodie on, gloves, neckwarmer, and thick fleece bankey.  It was 70 degrees outside....but I was freezing.  I did not even have the TV on or use the computer all day; just drifted in and out of sleep.
The non-sick children got to play outside.
Last night I slept from 9pm to 10am!  I cannot remember ever sleeping 13 hours straight, or being so sick.
I am thankful to feel better today, and even did some laundry.  Emmi also feels better. 
NOW DH feels worse, and Waid is getting sick.  Avery is coughing, but no fever...yet.
So, I guess this is phase 2  =(


  1. Janet, I am so sorry to hear you guys have been sick! That sounds awful! I'm glad you are feeling better. Hope everyone else is recovering. . . . .

  2. Oh Janet!! I am so, so sorry to hear this! We got some weird sore throat, cough/cold thing, but I dont think we had fever, and I know it wasnt the flu...yuck! So sorry...we will be praying that u guys recover quickly and get no secondary infections from it!

  3. Im so sorry you guys had the flu!! Jeny is so sweet and awesome cook, glad she helped out!! I love the ringlets on Emmie's hair, I am going to try that fro Sophie. She too has more brown in her hair. I have heard that coined "chinese blonde" :)