Flu day 7......ARGHHHHHH

Since Emmi (miss ADHD) is sick, I figured this was a good time to try something that required her to sit still.
 The victorian style ringlets that the rag rolling will form, really isn't our style.  But I was curious to see if it would work, and how long the curls would hold.  Curling iron curls barely last an hour on her.
                                                        She looks kindof pitiful.

 Not so good.  I guess practice would help, if we really wanted to wear this "do".  The curls at the top should have been made smaller.  And the chin-length bangs caused a problem when rolling those sections.
 In just 3 hours, these tight ringlets at her neck, were down to her shoulder blades, but they were still curly.
This style would probably work better on Avery, whose hair is not silky smooth.  Avery's hair has more brown in it too, it's hard to appreciate the detail on Emmi's jet black hair.
No one else is sick, hopefully we are on the road to recovery.  The aftermath cough is awful though.
My precious friend Jeny brought us homemade vegtable soup yesterday.  She's from the Honduras and it was the best soup EVER!!
Jenna and AJ's 1 year post-placement visit was scheduled for tomorrow.....rescheduling for next week.

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  1. So hoping that you will be better before Christmas!