Where'd my pictures go??

I was going to post Waid's birthday pictures from last week.  But my hubby has removed them from the camera memory....and I do not know where they are.
Do other hubbies do that??   No probably not, because they probably have wives who know how to work all the gadgets, unlike me.
It was a busy but beautiful day today.  The kids got to play outside.  Waid must have heard someone using a leafblower, because when he came in, he built this=).  Then proceeded to walk around the house making the blower noise until it annoyed everyone.
AJ got his glasses this week.  He is having a little trouble remembering to look THRU them and not over them.
Remember my wonderful front door.....that I had dreamed about and shopped for for months.....
It was ordered in August.
The 1st one was the wrong size.  (I had to pay $300 extra for a custom cut size, which wasn't actually needed, I am still waiting on that refund!!)
Then 2nd one got a hole knocked in it during shipping.
The 3rd one was supposed to be here a couple of weeks ago, but the factory was affected by Sandy, and no one knew if it was ever manufactured, had been shipped, or what....
It was finally found this week, and installed today!!!!!
All the trim is primed and I will have to paint that.
So watch for a picture, coming soon.......and think twice before buying a door from the big box orange logo store.

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  1. Waid is very smart with the legos! So creative! I remember once when my nephews spent a lot of time with their dad as he was cutting trees and clearing their lot. They went around with their fingers pretending to "chainsaw" everything in sight! It became very annoying, but now I look back on it with fond memories. Wow, that was 30 years ago. . . .

    How disappointing to go through so many bumps in the road concerning the door! So glad you finally have it and can't wait to see the pictures!