Today's happenings

Daddy surprised us this morning with green eggs and ham....although they don't look green in the picture.

He said it was just one of the crazy things he thought of while lying awake for hours.....guess he couldn't sleep last night.

Avery and Waid had a check-up today.  They were not amused that I sang the Doc McStuffins song randomly throughout the day.
They are BOTH 3'10" and BOTH 42 lbs. 
Avery is 4 months older than Waid, but has been home since age 2,
 Waid has been home since age 4.5.
Avery's tubes are out again, but no infection.

Waid in an Amazon box. 
Woot Woot---I am DONE with Christmas shopping....even better.......I never left the house!!
We only do a few presents per child, and I found everything on Ebay and Amazon=).
 My potato chopper hard at work.  But get this... We were doing 10 lbs of potatoes, and I told her to get a bowl out to put them in (rather than the pot), so the water in the pot could be in the process of heating.  She got out the small silver bowl, yes, it's smaller than my glass of tea.  A friend once told me that the common sense part of the brain did not completely develop until age 23; 15 more years for this kiddo.
Heard around here....
"unremute it".
Referring to the TV being muted, and kids wanting the volume back on.
UN and RE are contradictory...I don't how they came up with this word, but we hear it almost daily.

Here is AJ in his new glasses, and a drawing of him in his room.

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