To brighten this dim day in our history

Hope this makes you laugh=)
Jake sent this picture to me.  I told him that if I had thought of it, I would have made him get his car in these colors.  But since he bought the car himself, I couldn't "make" him.

Wes and AJ had follow-up appointments this morning.  All went well, but AJ was prescribed glasses.
Yes, this means that 9 of our 10 family members wear glasses.  

We went to our local eye dr to order the glasses (Eye Care Associates--they are awesome).
While there, an elderly gentleman and his wife were leaving.  She asked if all of the kids were mine.  He said "good for you, populate the world".  I didn't bother telling him that I did not have anything to do with the "populating" part of those particular kids who were with me.

Another lady asked me if I took care of all these kids.  I said yes ma'am, they are all mine.  She then asked if I had any help--NO!!!! (except the Lord). This one always cracks me up.  My grandmother had 13 siblings, a brother in law has 10, what is the big deal??  I ONLY have 6 with me, even though I have 8.  I know several families with more kids.  And a couple of generations ago, most people had this many kids.
So it cracks me up that folks think a woman can not handle more than a few.    And for the ones that say "I only have 2 etc., and I have a hard time"......get a grip, and get your priorities straight!
Oh sorry, I'm griping, and I was supposed to be brightening your day;)


  1. Anonymous4:58 PM

    You are awesome! Sorry it was so crazy busy when you guys came in. Hope he likes his new glasses! -Whitney

  2. Anonymous5:21 PM

    This is Terri from EyeCare Associates. Thank you for your kind words. Whitney and I love the Hurley family. Your family is a breath of fresh air everytime you come to the office. You have truly been blessed with some great children.