Growth, school, and new toy


Growth:  This cup of used pin needles represents 4 months of growth hormone shots for Wes.
(No, I do not keep them on the kitchen counter.)
He has grown one inch.

 Not as great as we had hoped for, but still progress.  I don't know that he will ever catch up, but at least he is not falling farther and farther behind.  At age 8.5, size 5 pants are plenty long for him.  He is happy to be in the same range with Avery and Waid....my virtual triplets in size.

     Yesterday was Monday ---all day;).
Has anyone had children totally stumped by this ABeka 2 math problem?  As you can tell, I had 2 children giving me 'deer in the headlights' looks for way too long, as I explained this every way I could think of.
My new toy:  An electric hole puncher!  I am thankful DH uses the envelope system with our budget, so I can make purchases like this occasionally.
 With all the materials we print off the internet and other curriculum......this old version, that was sticking, just wasn't working out.  I try to keep all of the printed stuff organized in subject binders for each kid.  The old puncher was killing my carpal tunnel affected hands!  I am very thankful for the new one...which may seem like no big deal to some people.

I sent off our quarterly reports today.  WOOOOHOOOOO we have 70 days!!
It is always my goal to have 70 by the end of Nov.  Back in the early years, it was pretty easy to have th big kids start in Aug, and get those 70 days in.  Now, it is quite a challenge...and we started in July!! 

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  1. I know what you mean about it taking longer to get things accomplished. It seems we start sooner and finish later, but I guess we just gotta do what we've gotta do. ;)Congrats on your first 70 days of the year!