Big kids

Kristen drew this for someone.  She DOES take orders, and is very reasonable.
She has been "commissioned" in the past for drawings of pets, children with pets, Bear Bryant, and more. 

 Last weekend, here's what Jake was doing.  I have no idea what---some kind of fall event, as evident by the pumpkin carving.  He sent me the pics, but no explanation.
 The red head is Mary Beth, a wonderful friend to Jake.  She is wise beyond her years!  When she was on her way back to school in August, she stopped and spent a few hours with me and the kids.  It was a break from her long drive, and great fun for us!
Mary Beth will spend a few days with us at Christmas break, and another friend is spending 1 night before catching a plane home.  I am looking forward to a great time=)

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  1. I love this! Kristen is amazing...what an artist! And fun, fun pictures of Jake and his friends! :-)