October--4 words

Shouldn't it be April?
With every adoption, I feel (in some ways) like I lose a year.
 Guess what we did Sat.?  I got in the pool to vacuum it out --it was cold getting in, but the I was fine, because my hair was dry.  The water was 77 degrees.  Just to give you an idea, we don't let the kids swim until 80 degrees, DH won't touch it until it reaches 84 degrees.  I really didn't mind it, although I didn't expect to be in there for 3 hours.
 Here's my latest creation.  Not one of my favorites, I'll admit.  But I am trying to use what I have; and this is fabric I had purchased (dirt cheap) when a store went out of business a few years ago.  I actually haven't bought fabric in 7 years, except the few pieces I bought in China.
I was able to cut out and pleat 5 dresses a couple of weeks ago.  One will be smocked with a manger scene, the others are all for next spring. 
We have several "crafty" things in school this week=0
Wes has an appt Wed, for what we believe is lazy eye.
The end of the week will be 1x a month grocery shopping.  I am changing up the menu a bit with some new recipes.

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  1. Anonymous8:41 AM

    beautiful dress, do you consign your daughter's clothes?

    Have a bless day!