Frugal Friday

Have you ever thouhght of looking for school books at the thrift store?
I got these 8 Abeka readers for .99 each !  We find at least 1 of these just about every time we go.
They are easy to spot on the shelves, since the grade level is on the spine.

 I also got theses.  I like finding workbooks from other curriculums, and using them for extra practice.
I have found several Harcourt readers lately.  I am very cautious about what I let my kids read.  I do check the content, even at this young level, public schools books DO have things in them that we do not agree with.
On that note.....If your library has a anual sale--RUN, don't walk, to it!
We actually went this morning and only found 3 books=(.  But, our library has a shelf year-round, that they sell donated and old books on.  I have found American Girl books on tape, teacher resources, and more.  I look for the old covers, it seems the library is "weeding out" some great classics.  Making space for more politically correct books, I'm sure.  Which means our grandchildren probably will not even be able to get much use out of public libraries....anywho.
I was very excited to find some D'Aulaire books for a quarter!!

And lastly, look at the masterpiece I found at the thrift store.  It's on a canvas about 16x20.
I got it for Kristen, but it's growing on me.  Emmi has already named him Kiko.
This bird may find a home in our playroom---poor Kristen.


  1. I LOVE the thrift store! I have gotten so many school books there. It is such a great place to find little treasures.

  2. Oh my word! Do you have any idea how much I spent on NEW A Beka readers the last two years?!! I am SO going to check my thrift store from now on...it never occurred to me to look for homeschool books.

    And I LOVE the bird masterpiece! It would grow on me too! It makes me smile.

    I love your Frugal Fridays!